Nectar Collector With 510 Quartz Tip

Nectar Collector With 510 Quartz Tip

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Nectar Collector With 510 Quartz Tip (Ship Random Color)


Concentrates Simplified.
The Nectar Collector is the new way to vape concentrates.
No Dabbers, Domes or Nails needed.
Heat the tip, dip into concentrate in the glass tray that is included.
Smoothest concentrate hit there is, not harsh like a traditional nail so you can take huge hit.
Convenient, Portable and Spill Proof.


Step1: Put wax on a dish
Step2: Torch the glass tip
Step3: Burn the wax with the tip
Step4: Smoke being filtered in the middle glass piece

Package Includes:

1 x Tube
1 x 510 Thread Quartz Tip

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